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Flu vaccine: Why is it absolutely essential for your child?

Know your flu vaccine?

  • The influenza (flu) vaccine is one of the most important vaccines that should be taken annually, not only by children but also by adults.

  • It decreases the severity and duration of symptoms of disease caused by the influenza virus.

  • The best time to take the vaccine is between September starting to October end of every year. 

  • It should be specially taken by children less than 5 years of age and elderly people.

  • Also to patients suffering from lung diseases like asthma, chronic liver disease, chronic kidney disease, metabolic diseases and obesity and cardiac diseases.

  • It is advisable for the whole of the family to get the vaccine

  • In short, the flu vaccine is a simple and cheap method to prevent serious illnesses.

Dr Poorvi Gupta

Little Heart and Tiny Tummies Child Clinic

242,Patliputra Colony

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