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Constipation in children

Symptoms of constipated child: do consult a Pediatric Gastroenterologist

  • Nausea, recurrent vomiting.

  • Not interested in taking feeds.

  • Usually irritable.

  • Holding maneuvers which appear as straining.

  • Pellet like/ dry stool ( refer Bristol chart).

Who are predisposing factors  for constipation?

  • Babies on a predominantly milk-based diet

  • Summer time 

  • Excessive urination

  • Hypothyroidism

  • Anxious / stressed child

  • Anal malformation

Tips on constipation.

  • Constipation could be solved by simple measures taken together.

  • Drinking an adequate amount of water.

  • Initiating toilet training at the correct time and in a correct way.

  • High fibre containing food in diet regularly.

  • Identifying holding maneuvers.

  •  Medicine when required.

Dr Poorvi Gupta

Little Heart and Tiny Tummies Child Clinic

242,Patliputra Colony

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